Terms of Use - Disclaimer - Privacy Policy. With The New HIT, youll have the next-best thing to thing to being personally trained by Arthur Jones. Ellington Darden: The first thing that pops into my mind happened in Atlanta, Georgia, one night in February 1980. Viator trained himself and slowly lost muscle and gained fat. Theres a lot of the interesting stuff concerning Arnold and Arthur in chapter 5: How HIT Humbled Schwarzenegger. Arnold, for perhaps multiple reasons, couldnt get the hang of high-intensity training the Arthur Jones way. Ellington Darden: Actually, I understated the time period. Are you struggling to build muscle or maintain your weight? Chest & Back. The information contained within is not intended to provide specific health advice, or any other advice whatsoever, for any individual or company and should not be relied upon in that regard. They can also be produced synthetically or Robert Kennedy Memorial @ Casa Del Mar, Santa Monica By Jerry Fredrick, 10 Signs Your Testosterone May Be Too Low, 4 Ways Sugar Does Harm To Your Body and What To Do, Top 10 Best Partner Workout Exercises for Valentines Day, Workout and Diet Like Kang the Conqueror: Jonathan Majors, Fuel Your Muscles: Top 16 Best High-Protein Foods, New Year Resolution Tips | Guide for Beginners. When we took the HIT photography, 38-year-old McCutcheon weighed 184 pounds, at a height of 6-feet even, and I personally measured his body fat at 3.4 percent. It was the essential basic Heavy Duty routine consisting of four to five sets per bodypart and broken into two workouts. Life is too short to be small. Naturally, isolation is an important component for stimulating muscle growth, and exercises that work large muscle areas don't have to be compound movements. Rest 2 minutes While Mike showed little desire to train intensely in Lake Helen, Ray was just the opposite. . When Ray had the Muscle Mill in Redondo Beach, there was a guy named Ross who worked for Universal Studio as a stage man-an experienced machinist. And what growth isn't created by direct arm work is induced by the indirect effect of torso work. Barbell CurlStage reps He retired at age 29 and switched to training other bodybuilders. Calf raise - 1 x 12 reps Not only was Dr. Darden kind enough to do an interview for this site, he also lent me a recent draft of The New High Intensity Training, which Ive read three times already. Casey Viators training history at Nautilus provides an interesting example. Breakdowns - This practice involves stripping off about 10% of the resistance you're using and grinding out a few more reps. You can opt to drop the poundage once or twice a week, depending on how much intensity you're ready for. So, during the experiment, he was rebuilding previously existing levels of muscular size. The plain truth is that hundreds of thousands of men throughout the middle of the last century strengthened and built their bodies without drugs. Mike could still look after his younger sibling, though. Delts, Biceps & Triceps. It was Dr. Kenneth Cooper. It was the essential basic Heavy Duty routine consisting of four to five sets per bodypart and broken into two workouts. Mike started working out three times a week, and at the age of 15, despite only weighing 165 pounds, he could bench press 370 pounds (170 kilograms) (75kg). Ellington Darden: It was less than that. Lateral Raise But as I look back on my 45 years of bodybuilding experience, combined with the thousands and thousands of individuals Ive trained (and observed training), I can say with confidence that more people would profit from an understanding and application of proper form, than from proper intensity. That fourth repetition will be a bear, but you should be able to finish it which will build your confidence for your next workout. Mike Mentzer High Intensity Training Full Body Workout | 3 Day Split Routine HIT Bearer 2.81K subscribers Subscribe 297 7.7K views 4 months ago #mikementzer #bodybuilding #2022 In this. I disagree with Darden that theres a strike against isometrics vs negatives here. Evidently, her interest in seeing the video studios had vanished. Workout 1 of Mentzer's Routine Leg Exercises. Today, I live approximately 25 miles from Ken. This would not be a problem with quasi-isometric protocols like Static Holds and Max Contraction which follow isometric failure with a full or partial negative. No other training book has this type of history or background material, which I believe is worthwhile and meaningful in understanding the why of HIT. Only then do you let it return to full extension. Drew Baye: How many bodybuilders do you figure are interested in HIT? Stay focused and keep the tension and the movement smooth and slow. The next morning he instructed Ray Mentzer to meet Martina at the airport and escort her back to Lake Helen. Just like his brother he strongly believed in training with a high intensity doing heavy weights with only 6 to 8 reps. Bodybuilding was a lot healthier then. I was a bit worried. Many years ago, the entire bodybuilding world watched Mike Mentzer grow very large. He accepted Joness pushing to a magnitude that few people could have stomached. Drew Baye: The publisher of your new HIT book is Rodale. Thats right, Ray Mentzer did single leg extensions in a normal positive-negative manner with 290 pounds, which is equivalent to handling 580 pounds with both legs. . RAY MENTZER: TRAINING TIPS FOR MORE PRODUCTIVE WORKOUTS John Little 19.2K subscribers Subscribe 3.7K views 3 weeks ago THE 4-PHASE CONTRACTION SYSTEM (PART 2): TRAINING TIPS FOR MORE. Ellington Darden: I have a couple of projects in the formative stages. Stump later introduced me to the guy who eventually became the editor of The New High-Intensity Training. Ray Mentzer had a different viewpoint. Squat Ray too, died within 48 hours of Mike's passing. They shared an apartment after moving in together, and during the ensuing months, they became closer. Do you want to As a bodybuilder, your goal is to increase your muscle mass. Im grateful that Ive spent as much time as I have with both Jones and Hutchins. Staying off stages for most of the rest of the decade, Viator worked for Jones at Nautilus until 1978. My first response is to say that intensity is more important when youre younger (from 15 to 40 years of age), and form is more important when your older (over 40). He started to sculpt his body after falling in love with the iron right away. Squat If they closely correlate then I can vouch that I am getting microtrauma from isometric exercise. All the other HIT books eventually have you performing split routines. It is thus very interesting to see Mentzer putting his own heavy duty training program in action. Mike Mentzer 3 day workout routine I found this on youtube and wanted to share it with you guys. According to Ray, he got more attention at the airport than Martina did, the dirty car turned her off, and the ride back to Lake Helen was hot, both in temperature and in conversation. But one of my main problem with the book was that he seemed to put down Mike Mentzer!! The video, available on Youtube, shows Mike and his brother Ray, train Markus Reinhardt at the Angel City Fitness gym in Los Angeles. Ellington Darden: Over the last 25 years, I worked with a lot of major publishing houses, such as Little Brown, Simon & Schuster, Contemporary Books, and Putnam. Arthur told Ray to put on his brightest, horizontal-striped shirt (he didnt want Martina to miss him) and be sure and drive the old, unwashed, company car, which had a broken air-conditioner (that meant hed have to roll down all the windows so air could circulate). He also has several bars and 400 pounds of free weights. I found out in 2001, when Andy was selected to demonstrate the exercises for my book, The Bowflex Body Plan. In 1970, when Hutchins graduated, the high school was five times larger and Ken was the strongest male in school. Ellington Darden: The last Mr. Olympia contest that I attended was in 1995 in Atlanta. Bench Press And it can still be accomplished without drugs today. Ellington Darden: When I joined Arthur Jones and Nautilus in 1973, it wasnt long before Hutchins drove to Florida to see for himself what was happening. He himself typically trained three times a week and his 30-minute workouts incorporated no more than 5 sets per body part. I remember coming in on a Monday and Benny informed me that Ray had squatted 900 that past Saturday. His overall routines include about 50-percent Bowflex exercises and 50- percent free-weight exercises. One of the funniest Ray Mentzer/Arthur Jones stories occurred during the summer of 1983. A diversified man with broad interests, Mentzer has earned the reputation of "the thinking man's . It had been a while since he had written a book on bodybuilding, and other than the late Mike Mentzers last book there hasnt been any books on the subject worth reading for quite a while that Im aware of. After years of competition, Mike decided to quit his competitive career and concentrate on new projects in 1982. But trainees have found overall strength and size increases as a result of squatting - even when it is the only exercise performed for long periods. Over the last 30 years, Ive been around Arnold four or five times. I would love for it to be wrong, but hey, it might be right. Employ forced reps when possible. Ellington Darden: Arnold spent a week with Jones in November of 1970 and, unfortunately, I wasnt around then. I never attended because I worked at a club. "The secret, if there is one, is high intensity. Calf Raise1 1/4 reps Ray learned that Mike had severe cardiac problems while he was waiting for the kidney transplant, and Mike passed away on June 10th, 2001 as a result. Then, perform slowly paced reps in the hardest one-third (or stage), first; the second hardest, next; and the easiest thirst, last. Wed effectively double team Cooper and help him understand exercise, generally and specifically, and then share with him the advantages of strength training on Nautilus equipment. And Mike made at least one appearance at the old Lancaster Health Spa. Drew Baye: Ken Hutchins, the architect behind the SuperSlow philosophy, and you grew up in the same town in Texas. The amazing thing about Miller was that he never worked out in a commercial gym and never had a training partner. Wilbur was, and still is, a wheat farmer. He stood only 5'8 yet packed 215 pounds of rock-solid muscle on his . What do you think of his not to fail sets? Is that correct? Mentzer starting pumping iron at the age of 12 at a bodyweight of 95 pounds. So, be prepared to train alone. While a person could learn most of what they need to know about training by just reading the first two Nautilus Bulletins, there is a lot of great information in Ellingtons books and some really interesting historical information and interviews in the more recent ones. Number of Bodybuilders Using High Intensity Training. High-intensity training (HIT) is a form of strength training popularized in the 1970s by Arthur Jones, the founder of Nautilus.The training focuses on performing quality weight training repetitions to the point of momentary muscular failure.The training takes into account the number of repetitions, the amount of weight, and the amount of time the muscle is exposed to tension in order to . Then, he discusses how he merged his experiences into his latest publication, The New High Intensity Training. Remember, this was on an advanced bodybuilder, the hardest specimen to realize real muscle growth because of being so close to his genetic potential. Then, there was the tour through the barn. Mike Mentzer's brother, Ray, put three-eights on an inch on his presumably larger upper arm in six weeks, performing no more direct arm work that chins and dips. Coes arms, because of their unusual shape, always looked bigger than they measured. Drew Baye: In your book, you discuss the importance of negative work in building muscle. One of the greatest bodybuilders of his time was Ray Mentzer. With the plan in mind, Hutchins hurried over but just as he approached, an older woman took the seat beside Cooper. HIT, of course, is the system of high-intensity training developed by Arthur Jones and codified and popularized by Darden, who was director of research for Nautilus Sports/Medical Industries, the company Jones founded, for more than 20 years. When Ken started high school he became a friend to one of my Conroe classmates, Philip Alexander, who was in medical school in Houston. If isometrics are doing something to foster the creation of cross-bridges, I wonder if theres a performance-price to be paid elsewhere? As well I found him very bias towards AJ, as in he was never wrong. Is there a study you can cite on this? At the contest, he weighed 215 and blew away the competition. Drew Baye: When Jones trained someone, was he a stickler for form? Ray would subsequently go on to become a legend in the bodybuilding world with his vascular 20+ inch arms and then-unimaginable weight of 275 pounds. He reached a bodyweight of 75kg by age fifteen. I want no part of it. First, you need to have access to an efficient leg-press machine, one that you can adjust by moving the seat forward to prevent you from locking the knees. Spillane was younger, 21, lighter, 132 pounds, and had less genetic potential than did Hudlow. In the past, with my bodybuilding books from other publishers, I had always worked with a man on the design and layout. Then, the high altitude associated with being in the mountains of Fort Collins, Colorado, had him feeling somewhat dizzy, especially during his workout. If you have any questions about Mike Mentzer or High Intensity Training email us and we'll get back to you with an answer as quick as we can. Mike himself trained three times a week with 30-minute workouts . To compound the loss of Mike, on June 11th, at approximately 9:00 PM, Ray died in his sleep. Bergers Disease had been contracted by him. Remembered for their contributions to bodybuilding and their influence on how people train forever. Of course Grimek and Reeves stood out, but so did Steve Stanko, Mr. America 1944, who was more massive than Grimek. Don't let'em food you. When I graduated from Conroe High School in 1962, I was the strongest student athlete in most of the basic strength-training exercises. Concerning the educational system in Conroe, small-town football was big in Texas. When Hutchins was a senior in high school, Conroe had one of the best football teams in Texas. Now, youll experience some of the reasons why this is my least favorite routine. Drew Baye: What did you think of Mentzers Heavy-Duty books? Roy Hilligen (51) impressed me with his overall muscle density combined with extreme definition. Concerning volume, if youre on a reduced-calorie diet to lose fat, you can shorten your HIT routine to only 4 or 5 exercises per session and make excellent results. . One deals with a follow-up to my 1995 book, Living Longer Stronger, which was written for men between the ages of 40 and 60. Ray had become a full-time competitor by the age of 23. Ray had no choice but to have a replacement kidney due to the severity of the illness. Drew Baye: Do you have an interesting story about Ken Hutchins that you could share? 06-08-2013, 11:15 AM Ray Mentzer Workout Here are some excerpts, from a 1979 interview where Ray talks about his workouts leading up to his Mr. America victory. There is a lot of research on microtrauma and hypertrophy. The man seemed to project a mesmerizing spell on us and we soon found our heads nodding to concepts that were directly against what we believed. When I was around Mike, we got along fine.

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