Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, I was stationed at Phan Rang AB, RVN 1966-67 as an Mobile Tower Air Traffic Controller. I still have the copy of the order if anybody needs it that is on the list. I could sure use a map showing the location of the MARS shack. Christmas campaign. He was Air Force and worked on planes. Most of the VA personnel I have seen have never been in the service so how are they able to say that we werent exposed to the chemical? long live the memories of the forgoten. I as station at TRAFB in 1966/67 went TRY to DaNang AFB Vietnam in Jan 1967. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014 and learned shortly after about the direct correlation between prostate cancer and agent Orange. Air Force 2022 Phan Rang Reunion Products. My Dad (David) was there from 66 67 as an Air Force medic, he worked for a small group commanded an Army COL Salucci. Base perimeter was barbed wire fence. Also defended the base March15/16 overnight attack by NV soldiers setting up a mortar as a diversion signal to the others that were to attack through the main gate. Yeah -Right! s/ pete My best Buddy was Charlie Perry from Savannah GA, lost track of him in 1970. 877-222-8387, TDD (Hearing Impaired) Fenced in compound back fence the base perimeter. I have been denied any benefits for Agent Orange and my health is failing loosing my motor skills and quality of life. It was all dead. Waiting to hear outcome of his claim. I also flew on a few Huey rides, one to Na Trang and one to an Army site and rode shotgun on resupply runs to Da Nang. There with the Colorado Air National Guard 120th TFS. Phan Rang Air Base is located 5.2 miles (8.4 km) north-northwest of Phan Rang - Thp Chm in Ninh Thun Province. Phan Rang Air Base (also called Thnh Sn Air Base) is a Vietnam People's Air Force (VPAF) (Khong Quan Nhan Dan Viet Nam) military airfield in Vietnam. I believe theres another reunion in the works for 2024. Nearly 11 million liters of Agent Orange were handled on the base. An enemy attack on Da Nang resulted in the destruction of a Marine Corps Phantom. [20] Two crew members were killed, two squadron members died of disease, and three from accidents during the war,[15] and two Canberras were shot down in 1970 and 1971. It was very early in the process so we did a lot of working making hooches out of tents. I was on the flight line every night, B52 s. None of which would diagnose me but give me all sorts of drugs. In 1969/1970 I lived in a NCO hootch on the parameter of Takhli. The RAAF had 2 Canberras shot down, the C.O.Downing and his navigator Pincers who were winched out by chopper safe after they ejected. Ramp 5060 is entirely within the 500 meter drift zone. My boots on the Ground on a recovery in country has no documentation as it was done under the cover of night to recover a aircraft that had an engine failure. with me. Yesif you were at Korat you were always in the perimeter. I served in the army 1972-75, I was assigned in Korea with the 1st 31st inf 2nd ID north of the Imjin River Nov 1972- Nov 73 and received HFP. We always traveled with lots of classified equipment and personnel (many in civilian clothes) so we always traveled on our own military transport. I just scanned these messages, hoping to add something that is useful. was in use. To access the menus on this page please perform the following steps. The Navy P3 Orions operated off the same ramp as the C-130 SCOOT airlift. When the spray unit caught on fire there were 6 Thai people burn real bad. Dell Ray Beckstead, I was stationed at D.Co. Does anyone have information in regards to the usage date of agent orange and why would claims not be considered after May 1975 theres no doubt in my mind chemical agents were continually applied Until our end date in Thailand 1976. Dates of service: (actual or approximate) Merlin Terlouw. Hope this helps you out. Worked both flight line which included trips to do end of runway checks, which was on the perimeter of the base. Manyletters to Next of Kinw. I remember watching them clear the perimeter so my question does the VA recognize Takhli around that time for agent orange area to worry about. I am going to see a kidney specialist in June to see if they are going to take one of my kidneys are put me on dialysis or both if anyone has proof of agent orange at this location please let me know. I was a number 3 man on a mms weapons load crew. NUI DAT HILL. Any info about Takhli for this time period or prior to 1965 would be greatly appreciated. Lived and jogged on perimeter everyday. Three buildings and two hangers received minor damage. There are some exceptions that they now allow. I was stationed there 1970-71. ALTHOUGH MY TIME IN THAILAND WAS LIMITED, I LIVED IN THE MOST AFFECTED AREA ON THE AIR BASE IN DANANG, 1966-1967 538th Eng Co. USAF 35th Air Police Squadron, Phan Rang, Vietnam TDY to the 3rd APS at Bin Ha Airfield (end of January 1968 - mid March 1968) During the month of February, 1968 North Vietnamese Army regulars aided by 'irregulars' (Viet Cong) attempted to take over or destroy the Air Base at Bin Halocated in the II 5 way bypass pass. Iv been trying to get VA benefits for myself since my husband has passed away 2 1/2 years go.VA has repeatedly denied me. Maybe stole is too specific. USAF 2 years in Danang,Phu-Chat,Vietnam,Ubon Thailand the Government could care less about our health problems take you Oxicodone and shut up, and thats if they will even send it to you thats Our Reward for going to war ! Trying to get help for my x-husband.Thanks. He told my sister he worked on the perimeter of the base and we have pictures of big communications antennas. Praise God were home some of us !!!!! For me a copy of my DD214 showing VSM was all they needed. we were often on red alert and the ubon base had been attacked by sappers who were all killed during the attack. I remember your parties as being exciting events! Health Care That he personally killed four. I am quite sure we did everything thing but devour agent with our daily meals and duties. I served with the 1st signal brigade us army 442nd signal battalion company c . Some stories about the impact of Agent Orange can be heard firsthand by way ofthe Library of Congress Veterans History Project, which contains interviews with Vietnam War veterans. Guys, get a VFW service officer to assist you. To Dan Furches. FIRST VA CLAIM DENIED MAY 2020 I did this until returning CONUS on October 1975. Our rear area base camp was located at Phang Rang. We eventually got moved into the hooches. I have been turned down twice for benefits. Anything on him? Glad I got out of there in February 1967, they wanted me to reenlist. I was stationed at Takhli RTAFB from April 69 to April 70. This site brings back a lot of memories. It had most of the women in the dorm in tears!!! I am fortunate, but many others havent faired as well. I supplied them one, and they still said no. Im looking for any info about the men he served with, they may have been engineers Im not sure but they did alot of nuclear testing. I am looking to document the guard duties we had to perform to protect the base when we were under suspected attack. Im looking for information about Mukdahon AB Thailand from 1966-67. Thanks for starting this blog! I read many cases from the files of the Board of Veterans AppealsOne case # 1139851 stood out. He died of multiple cancers in 2020. Washington, The 20th was deactivated in July 66and I was transferr to the 558th Heavy Equipment company. Obtenga la proteccin! Its a dishonor and flagrant insult. They just do not want to part with the money. Spent 9/68 to 9/69 at U-Tapao and was assigned to MMS fixing jammers and trailers on far side of base. I filed a claim with the VA. First they said that AO was not used at Tahkli since 1964, then they said that They never received my medical records( which I sent). Nor can I find any mention of the USAFSS. I also have tried to get claim but getting denied. Thanks for any info. Let me put in a plug for a book, The Grotto, about life flying helicopters out of Phu Bai. God Bless, and good luck on the benefit that you so deserve. I have filed with the VAMC, had an interview, and was told my squamous cell carcinoma was not on the list. Worked on A7Ds, F-4s and AC-130 Gunships. We are at a loss of how to find more info. all statements are helpful. I am a complete and totally disabled veteran for this experience. Thank you, If your work area, was in the outer perimeter you may get approved. Delivered medical supplies throughout Thailand. The 101st was on the west side with the Korean White Horse division. Some inventive personnel kept our readiness at high levels maintence officer had a buddy in Saigon that got us an extra B model Huey used to shag parts and beer. I met a lot of you folks as we took requests that ranged from the music of Chicago, Blood Sweat & Tears, etc. Went to Yokota for a few weeks in Jan 1966. Greetings to all. One of the men survived but was severely injured and the other man was killed. Near the entrance to the base are ruins of a Cham temple, reportedly built in the 12th Century. Awaiting a board review if I am around that long. Developed soft tissue sarcoma from agent orange exposure. I,m 90% disabled & will help any way I can. We further reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to God Bless All. hw-pr-swartz-17-op-nui-dat-1966.jpg Picked up all supplies for our site this included drums of chemicals usually leaking. Luckily I caught a few hops to Tan San Nuet and visit Saigon, plus eat some good food and the NCO Club. Stationed on Tahkli RAFB 1973, I filed a claim for my peripheral neuropathy is July of 2018, I was officially awarded exposure to agent orange by a VA doctor who was handling my case. Is a great honor. Phan was busy preparing for a pending visit of the Thai Foreign Minister, who would stop in London after some business at the U.N. Thank you, any one from bang pla thailand 1969 to 1971 have medical issues, I was in the storage section ,635th MMS,CSG, PACAF, at the MSA. You fought for this country; if Agent Orange and combat stress disabled you; then our country needs to step up to the plate and provide the benefits you need. Was TDY with SAC to Utapoa in 1968. He was a USAF pilot but served as Ops Officer there. I have since applied for compensation been turned down because the VA says there is no record of me serving as an AUGMENTEE on the BASE PERIMETER. Some local specialities: bnh cn, ch c and seafood with moderate price. So glad you, too, made it home safely, although no one comes out of any war unscathed. I served on Army tug LT2075 in Sattahip in 1969-1970 639th tug detachment. And who knows, maybe AO has no effect on roses. It took two more years, but praise be to God, my claim was approved this year. Im still fighting them at 72 and going on about 8 years, Im looking for Frank Brown stationed at Ubon 72-73 he was dog handler for Rex4M83. Message for David Sorensen regarding NKP posting 9.12.22 on 12.08.22, you requested me to contact youhow can I reach you? Like to hear from anyone from Camp Friendship. I was at Korat RTAFB from 11 May 1975-Feb 1976, with the 388th SPS, and it seemed I was always guarding the perimeter. I do believe being on the ground in Saigon was key to my disabilities being approved at 100%, please dont give up, sometimes the VA is VERY DIFFICULT TO DEAL WITH, remember the squeaky wheel gets grease, DONT GIVE UP!!!! Does anyone have any information on Steven L. Emery who was in the Air Force and stationed in Vietnam in the 70s, I was stationed at Phan Rang AB from Nov 1970 through April 1971 with the 17th FMS, 17 SOS (AC 119 G & K gunships). Couldnt talk of it. I was in the 311th Air Commando Sq/311th Special Ops Sq July 68 to July 69 as a Loadmaster on C-123Ks, SSgt. Then again in 74 75 for 8 months at Utapao for the cambodian air lift.I joined the navy in 76 and started having sever head aches that resulted in nerological problems.Brain damage. Branch of service: He passed away from Pancreatic Cancer on July 4th, 2016, three and a half months after being diagnosed with diabetes and the cancer. I was an aircraft mechanic/crew chief with 555TFS. Im looking for anyone who might have worked with my dad Chuck Forbes in Udorn. Edwardo Perez, Jr asked about the Klong running through Utapao. and near ubon rtafb.there were full cambat operations in this area, f4 phantoms from ubon attacked targets in n vietnam s vietnam and laos. Should be my sons grandfather or a uncle I surmise. I was stationed in Korat in 1967 with the 561st. Like to hear from anyone from CAFB, New Mexico , if you see this. Our aircraft U21 LE and LJ were returned to the States. Lots of memories of off shift evenings at the Airmans Club, the outdoor theater for USO shows and later the newly opened 21 Club. Youll find pictures, history and a roster of many who served. My husband served in the marine stationed in Udorn Thiland in 1962. Was assigned to 355 FMS/AGE at Takhli and to MMS/AGE at U-Tapao. It took me a number of years and appeals, but I finally received a rating of 100% for Prostate, bladder Cancer, & Tinnitus. We had a large latrine/shower room, as well as a company office where the officers and first sergeant had their offices. Would enjoy connecting with Vets who worked at any of these bases. (NOTE: I thought that this would have to be my last VA Claim to have to file.) I was approved for AO exposure. It was of interest to me to read the numerous stories by military personal who had a part in the operation of the Phan Rang Air Base. I WAS STATIONED IN Danang FOR MOST OF MY TOUR. I was a mechanic/crew chief/flight engineer on a Kaman HH43B. Younger brother served there. James Roy Fadden served in Vietnam is there any information on him? shop that were run down off base by a dump truck. I think the same thing goes for Korat and the other bases in TAILAND. Thank you. My mother worked for Philco Tech-Reps Division from 1966 to 1970. was searching for information about Philco-Ford in Thailand and came across this blog. The Dr. advised me to make a claim with the VA. I would suggest starting at , asking for advice and going from there. Was lucky. WOW!!!! Finally approved in 2017. Id like inputs from others history with the VA and how you have managed your claims. My husband was stationed at Udorn AFB from 1972-1973. VA disalowed the cause being agent orange because I was stationed in Thailand. Has anyone received a positive resolution with the VA. Stationed at Camp Friendship Korat 67-68. celebrating eid without loved ones quotes, leger holidays coronavirus, police incident in hexham today,

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